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The Walltalkers' Story

The full story of The Walltalkers is a story of friendships, drama, loss, love and most of all, music. That full story will be the subject of a future documentary I will produce in 2023. However, here is the abridged version of that story.

I credit Scott Hoskins, a long-time friend and former work colleague for getting me out of my musical shell and setting out to make a mark in the Kansas City scene. The first person I formed a musical relationship with was Kansas City songstress, Heather Thornton. As our friendship and musical connection grew, we discovered how our nicely our voices melded together. Along with her percussionist boyfriend, Chip Mueller, we formed The Walltalkers to perform as a trio.

The bulk of the song writing was done by me or by Heather and I as a songwriting team. Chip and Heather married. The three of us were quite inseparable between 2009 and 2012. We performed countless shows as a trio.

However, there was an increasingly toxic situation that resulted in the only possible resolution was to remove Chip from the band.  At was at this point, that we expanded the band and subsequently enjoyed our greatest level of success. 

Cori and John were part of the band prior to Chip's departure. We first replaced percussion for percussion by bringing Rae onboard and gained another vocalist and solo instrumentalist. Later, we dropped percussion in favor of drums, first with Rob and later with Bree. These recording feature the six-piece band with Rob on drums.

The situation with the bar eventually meant I could no longer place my focus and energy to preserving the band and eventually we faded into the grave yard of good bands now gone. I believe a listen will tell you all you need to know about the special nature of this band.

~ William



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