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For the majority of my adult life, I've been a content machine. For as long as I can remember I've been consumed by the need to create... and create in volumes. I've been surrounded by art and music my entire life. As a multi-faceted artist, I am in constant pursuit of some ever-elusive perfect piece, or perfect shot, or perfect song, or perfect solo. Maddening at times and humbling at others, "art" in it's varying forms has a way of calling us, begging us to participate and then revealing itself back as a mirrored form of ourselves. Sometimes painfully and sometimes effortlessly, it demands to exist.


I present this as the evidence of the maddening and humbling moments that have occurred to date. For family, friends and fans, I offer this so that you might know my body of work, and thus know me.



Through the years, I've developed my craft for both art and musical production. However, everything... and I do mean everything related to this, boils down to storytelling and the wish to be known. When we create, we tap into what makes us human. Ultimately, we have something we wish to convey. I've been fortunate enough that I have had a lot to say.

We say we that create for others, but deep down I believe we create reflections of ourselves into existence. It might be our thoughts, our beliefs, our fears, our opinions... everything that is the story we have to share. I think in many ways we create little therapists every time we put out a piece of work. For example, my 2020 release under the brand of Hoarding Buenos was completely my attempt to deal with the unknown during the middle of the pandemic. This album also reflects the challenges I was having with my youngest son. We create for ourselves. The story has to be told in one form or another. This is why I advise everyone to find a way to create... something. It doesn't have to be a craft or require an artistic skill. Everyone with a phone is a photographer. Everyone with a pen and paper can write down thoughts and explain how you feel. Capture your life with the intent to tell your stories.


One thing I'm proud of is the diverse life I've been so blessed to live. I've been blue collar. I've been white collar. I've been the lowest guy on the totem pole and the highest... and everything in between. No matter if I was a Soldier, an IT guys, a department head, an entrepreneur, a performer, a consultant, an instructor, a manager or the myriad of other jobs or career fields, I've always found the time and the need to create. I have found that experiences outside our comfort zone pay dividends in the breadth and depth we bring to the table. Equally, getting outside our comfort zone allows for us to grow creatively too. My advice to everyone is to take some risk and go out on a limb and then tell the story... the good, the bad, the ugly and the exceptional. 


Although I am not a fan of social media, I do have a presence on a few platforms. I have my links listed below. You can find me on most music streaming services too. I probably produce the most content for my affiliated YouTube channel.  

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