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It's about dang time... Part 1

Updated: May 10, 2022

Once upon a time I immersed myself in music, music production, live performance and the pursuit of writing the best songs I possibly could. The fruits of that effort and pursuit culminated in 2013 with the completion of what was to be my Fireflies album and a much grander thing known as... The Walltalkers.

Heather Thornton and I already had a musical collaboration at play and a full band playing our original songs seemed like a great next step. It is hard to explain just how fun the band was when we weren't infused with drama distractions. Heather and I partied like we meant it and we took that same fun, loose, "good times for all" approach to what we brought on stage. Songs like "Skinny Dip" and "Yo Mama Don't Live Here" really show that off.

However, we also had a chip on our shoulders too that said "hey, listen up and pay attention, because we can write and deliver some bad ass songs". "California" and "Icarus Dreams" come to mind. We wanted to be taken seriously and earn the respect of the KC musician scene. I would like to believe we succeeded. We shared the stage with some of the city's and region's best.

The problem wasn't just that the band faded when my time was consumed with the bar. The greatest travesty is that we never finished a studio album and most of the live recordings weren't great quality-wise. I never finished and published an album from the band. We played so many shows. All those tracks sat idle for nearly a decade. Now I am releasing 8 songs that are available here and on YouTube for your listening pleasure.... about dang time.

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